Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Eva Lord of the Rings # Summer learning journey





  1. Kia Ora Eva,

    Wow, it sounds like you have had a really busy holiday! I love the pictures that you posted of your trip to Thailand and really enjoyed reading this post about donating money to charity. It sounds like you really love dogs. I do, too! In fact, I grew up with a border collie named 'Taiga' who was black all over but had white paws and a white lightning bolt on her face. She was such a special dog. I really miss her!

    Do you have a pet dog?

    Hope that you and your family have had a great start to 2018. I'll look forward to seeing you when I come into school early in Term 1 to hand out the certificates and prizes for the Summer Learning Journey programme.

    Rachel :)

    1. kia Ora Rachel well i do have a pet it is a do and her name is Zoe and she's a part Lab part boxer