Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Eva The 4 O’Clock News -Summer learning journey- Dinah Jane

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If i was Scotty Morrison and i could interview anyone i want. i would differently interview Dinah Jane Hansen. the reason that i pick her is because she my favourite one in fifth harmony and she's just so amazing also she's amazing singer when she audition for X factor. the things that i would like to find out is how did you felt when Camila cabello left the fifth harmony group. i would differently ask about 3 or 5 question like can you speak Tongan, Samoan or Fijian. the 3rd question. the i would ask is how many county's have you been to. then the 4th question that i would ask is 
who do you thank the most in your life. 


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  1. Hey there Eva, thank you for completing another activity. You have written some excellent questions to ask Dinah Jane from 5th Harmony. I bet you would be a great interviewer. You could also ask her what it's like being famous, does she get recognised on the street, who is the craziest fan you've ever met and what did they do, what was your favourite show you have performed at, what was your least favourite etc.

    There are many questions you could ask her!

    Thanks Eva, great blogging,