Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Eva Bell bottom pants- summer learning journey

 2 Things i like about 1970's clothes.

 it very outstanding with those colour and it  also suites a bright colour with those bell bottom pants.
also it a huge fashion trend.

The other 2 things that i Don't like about the 1970' clothes are. also the other thing that they could of made the bell bottom pants more unique then the other pants back in 1970.

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  1. Hey again Eva, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the fashion in the 1970's. The colours certainly were bright and out there, especially in the summer. I am not sure I like the bell bottom pants, they're a little strange. I think that the women's fashion is a bit better than the men's. In the photo of the men there is one guy on the far right wearing awfully odd pants.

    Do you think you prefer the fashion of the 1970's or today?

    Thanks, Billy