Sunday, 17 December 2017

whether i would joined waka ama

 waka-ama-40461.jpgif i saw a poster about joying waka ama  i would totally join because it will be so cool having a try at waka ama and competing in many competition across new Zealand.  it will be so amazing out on the ocean and battling and enjoying fun out on the ocean and learning. lots of tricks when your competing in different competition across New Zealand.

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  1. Hey again Eva, those are some interesting points you have made about competing in the Waka Ama competition. It would be nice being out on the water so often. You would have to be really good at working in a team and rowing at the same time as everyone else - otherwise you might go round in circles! What sort of tricks do you think you might learn? Have you tried any other water sports? I'm not the best swimmer so I'm not sure I would be very good. I mostly prefer to play ball sports like netball and soccer.

    Thanks, Billy