Monday, 25 December 2017

How i felt about the poem-summer learning journey

when i read this poem i really loved it. the reason that i love this poem is because the poem talk's about how the new Zealand soldiers came together with Australia to war. i think that our new Zealand soldiers were really proud but kind of sad because the had to leave there families to go to war. when some of our soldiers made it back but some soldiers didn't make it back. that's why we celebrate ANZAC day to remember the soldiers that fight for our county.  Image result for poppiesImage result for new zealand soldiers


  1. Kia Ora Eva

    My name is Jolie and I go to Glen Innes School,I am also doing the summer Learning Journey which means that I can see more of your amazing work. What was your favourite part about this activity? Why?. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey there Eva, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the 'In Flanders Fields' poem. It's great to see you are working hard over your summer break. I hope you keep it up all holidays.

    I like how you've discussed the feelings that the people at the time would have felt towards the war. They certainly would have been sad watching their husbands, fathers, and sons go to war, not knowing if they will ever return.

    I hope you keep up the great blogging and see you online again soon!