Sunday, 9 July 2017

one pet that i would adopt

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The one pet that i would adopt is a brown kiwi. a brown kiwi lives on the north side 
of new Zealand also they eat seeds,grubs,worms, fruit and small crayfish and eels. 

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  1. Hi Eva,

    I think that you've made a great choice! The brown kiwi is one of the most iconic (famous) animals in all of New Zealand. I can remember being given a stuffed kiwi bird from a friend of my dad's when I was really young and just loving it. I thought that it was so cool and so much more interesting than the animals that I was used to seeing in Canada (where I grew up).

    Have you ever seen a kiwi bird in real life? I've only ever seen one at the Auckland zoo. It was very shy and it hid behind a tree most of the time that we were there so I didn't get to see much of it. I hope that we are able to do what we can as New Zealanders to protect and preserve this special animal!