Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Lost in the wood

in the south island of new Zealand a girl name Eva was site seeing with here mum,dad  . when they where looking around Eva saw lots of nice tree's. when she was looking at the tree she turn back and here mum and dad were gone. 5 mins later she was searching around the wood trying to look for here mum and dad. she saw one of here brother walking around. as quick as she could she ran fast us she could to get to here brother when she stop she didn't see here brother. a few secs later here mum and dad where yelling out here name hard out. when Eva heard here name she was running so fast that she bumped into here mum and dad. 1 sec later Eva mum  said were where you said mum Eva said i got lost she said. when we get home your getting in lots of trouble said dad. OK said Eva 5 mins later eva and here mum and dad jump into the car i drove off home

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  1. Kia ora Eva,

    I am so relieved to read that Eva found her way back to your mom and dad and that they were able to drive home together. I hope that Eva didn't get into too much trouble for wandering off from her dad. I hope that he understood that she was just being a little bit curious.

    I must admit that my dad used to give Leigh (my sister) and I a little talk every time that we went into the forest for a walk. He told us to stay put if we ever got separated and to wait there for him to find us. Fortunately, we never became separated and I never had to worry about it. Phew!

    I hope that you never have to worry about it, either :)

    Wishing you a safe and happy holiday,