Friday, 14 July 2017

3 things that i would do to help my neighbourhood

1. the first one would be picking up rubbishes around your street.
2. the second one would be picking up rubbishes at home and at school.
3. the 3rd one would be picking up rubbishes when your at the park or when you see rubbishes you can pick it up.

1 comment:

  1. Malo e lelei Eva,

    I think that it is a great idea to pick up rubbish in your neighbourhood, at your house, on the street or at your school. Rubbish can make an area look really untidy and removing it can make the whole place look so much better, cleaner and brighter.

    I recently returned from a trip to South East Asia (Cambodia and Vietnam) and was really pleased to see that the local councils had come up with some strategies for removing rubbish from the streets. Unfortunately, there were still many piles of rubbish lying around that had yet to be removed and I would imagine that the local people didn't enjoy having it on their footpath.

    I hope that we, as a people, can come up with a better strategy for reducing our waste and for picking up the rubbish that we create so that we can keep New Zealand beautiful for many years to come!

    All the best,

    Rachel :)