Monday, 1 May 2017

This year we are learning about Now it that's thinking that mean's about different kind of technology.
This year Term 1 is learning about food and how to make kite and also they show a video of them dreaming
of flying in the air.  for team 2 there doing the same like team 1 but they are dress up as little kids and fly there kite's.

for team 3 they did a video of Mr Moran and a creature down at the beach the funnies part of it is when Mr Moran was throwing pebbles up to the sky and  then there were lots of lights dancing  around and everyone was laughing

team 4 is learn learning about heaps of technology through the years like thinking about when the light bold's and when car were made.

for team 5 they were doing lots of ideas to make team 5 look awesome like  how Mrs Judd said what should we do with the Gray titles and Mrs ILaoa had a problem with all the bags liying around so Mr wiseman got a pics  of wood and got a nail and hammer it then put the bag on it . 4

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