Friday, 26 May 2017

Eva 3 days without the year 8

3 days without the year 8

This week all the year 7 stay at school when the year 8 were at camp.  On Wednesday we started the day off with making are chants to perform for the teachers. And picking are group
Leaders and name for are group. When we went back to the street the first team to perform
Was are group. When we perform we said are chant as loud are we can to beat all of the
Teams. After all the team’s we're finishes. We all had a sing off. As we were playing. The
Churries had no song so we won.

When we were done with the sing off we started doing some artwork. When we got into are groups. We started making quotes. When we were doing my group did heaps of quotes on the
Big white paper. Yesterday on Thursday the munchies started making chocolate truffles. When
We pating it in our hands. We started eating it it was so yum. When  i look at my hand it
Was all cover with chocolate and coconut.

Today we had to do is chant aging and we did cup stacking also at lunchtime were going to watch A movie and have shared lunch. And a prize giving pefor the year 8 come back.

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