Monday, 23 February 2015

pt england wits.

I am going to tell you why do we have to use our pt england  wits .

1 w- walk away mean that if someone tell you to hand your lued walk away .

as far as you can so they can't see you . if someone bully you tell them to stop it and walk away.

2 I- ignore it mean that a boy is saying f word ignore it and move away from that boy that is being mean to you if your boy is bully you say stop it don't like it then they will stop it . and if a girl say you can do that or play netball ignore it.

3 t- talk about it is about is someone is shut  up tell them to stop it i not like it if they say shut tell your mum and dad and you won't get in trouble .
and talk about it .

4 s- seek help is like someone is saying mean words to you tell them to stop it if they don't tell a house captains or you can tell your friend to get someone 12.

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