Thursday, 7 June 2018

Eva Letter to Mr van horn

Dear Mr Van Horn,

 My name is Eva and i’m 12 years old and I was born in Sydney australia and I am Maori and Tongan. I am the 2 oldest out of 3 siblings and my siblings names are Josh, Isaiah and Zoe. Zoe is basically a dog but we love to say That she’s our sister. Also I can’t forget my mum and dad. My mum and dad name are Mary and Ivan.

My favorite sport to play is Netball ,Touch and Softball basically I love any type of sport. I think my most favorite sport to play is Netball because I love the Silver Ferns team if you don’t know what the Silver Ferns team is it is New Zealand's girls netball team. My favorite player in the Silver Ferns is Maria Tutaia. I also enjoy playing with my friends in the weekend. And love taking my dog Zoe for a walk and also love to compete in my family’s touch rugby competition. I also enjoy going traveling around the world. And the places that I have went to is Thailand, Tonga,Niue,and the Cook island and also Australia.

 My favorite subject at school is reading, writing and maths basically I love all of the subject in school. My other favorite subject is basically sport because I love sports. The other thing I love to do is going down to tech on Tuesdays. My goals for 2018 is to improve in reading, writing and maths. The things that I dislike at school is basically nothing because I love everything at school .

The things that I would like to know about you. -Where do you live in america.? -What is america like? - do you like it in new zealand? - is america different to new zealand ? - - do you have any siblings? - what kind of music do you like?

Best wishes,


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