Friday, 9 February 2018

Eva Letter To Ms Tapuke

This week in reading and writing we had to write a letter back to Ms Tapuke. about myself and i learn and little bit about ms Tapuke 

Dear Ms Tapuke,My name is Eva and i’m 11 years old but turning 12 in April the 9th before my mum birthday and i’m from Sydney australia. My culture is Maori and Tongan and i’m the 2 oldest out of 3 siblings. There names our Josh,Isaiah and Zoe which is a dog but she really like family to us also I can’t forget my mum and dad there names are Mary and Ivan. i really love my family because they also support me at everything i do.

I am a huge sports fan of netball and volleyball and my favourite food are cook island donuts, otai and pizza Also i love to play touch when were having are annual touch competition down next to the park at okahu bay.  

My favourite subjects are reading writing and sports. The things that i dislike at school is goals for 2018 is to make progress at reading writing and maths and for sports and to achieve my goals for 2018.  

i am really excited to be in room 2 for reading and writing and i can’t wait for Ms Tapuke to teach me heaps of new stuff and i’m really excited for 2018.

I would also like you to know is i’m really love to bake too with my nana and papa and bake cakes and cupcakes

Yours sincerely,


  1. Hi Eva,

    I'm really glad to read that you enjoy school and that you are excited for 2018! I also really like otai. Last year my class and I attempted to make Cook Island donuts which was fun - they were tasty!

  2. Hi Eva,
    It's great to read a bit more information about yourself. I like baking cakes too. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. All the best

    Love Miss Lavakula