Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Eva Mr Andrew Patterson. speech

Today in team 5 we had a special guess come into team 5. his name is Mr  Andrew Patterson.

Mr Patterson came in to team 5 to talk to us about what do you want to do in life and more when he was speaking he was talking about what do you want to be when you grow up and always to have a
plan B when your trying to find a job. The 2 thing that he was talking about is AIM. The A stand for
aspiration that means doing want you wont The I stand for inspiration. inspiration means inspired   by someone like your favourites sport player and one of your family member. all together that means success.

The last letter is M. M stands for motivation. after he explaining  what AIM works he was telling this story about how he plane was cancels and he had to book his hotel when he went to book his hotel there were about 100 people waiting in line when he was in the front he saw 2 young pa to rents with 3 kids under 5 years old waiting in line at the back of the line. when Mr Patterson  were looking at them he walk down to the back of the line and said to to them to come into the the front of the line.

after that story he had another story about this kid name Willie that a  11 years. who gave a homeless
man his lunch money and a pie for 2 weeks. after 2 week the homeless man walk to Willie school and
talk about how Willie was giving his lunch money and a pie. when he told his school they were so amazed. hen the home less man told the school Willie got a golden award for being kind. helpful and being a nice boy and helping someone that  haven't got  a home or any food.

when Mr Patterson heard what Willie did he diced to sup prize Willie with a fight to Wellington when Willie and Mr Patterson went to the airport Willie didn't know were he was going when they go onto the plane Willie was so excited because he haven't been on a plane before. when they headed  to Wellington Mr Patterson,Willie and Willie best friend where in wellington viewing it with a day also did you know Willie best friend is studying year 13 work.   

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  1. Hi Eva,
    I enjoyed reading your post about my talk on Wednesday...
    Uili showed us how we all have the ability to help others in some way.