Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Eva why is regular exercise important

Today in reading we were learning how to write an explanation writing for are test next week on Monday.

Regular exercise helps you burn fat in a day and it makes you feel nice and healthy. Also if you exercise there will be a chance the you won't get any diseases.  

If you eat heaps of junk food and you're trying to lose weight the way to lose weight is to do regular exercise If you exercise every 3 or 4 weeks you will keep on burning fat and getting you more healthy. or you can eat any healthy food to lose more weight.Also when you lose weight you will be good about yourself. when you eating something healthy you will lose about 3 or 5 pounds.   

When you exercise you keep on losing more weight and it helps you  burn calories in a day. when you exercise every day there will be a chance that you won’t get any diseases like diabetes,cancer and cardiovascular.  

When you exerciser really hard you lose about 300 calories.but if you exercise every week you will lose heaps of weight in a day.

regular exercise is important because it help you burn fat. and it also helps you to don't to get any diseases and it make you feel good about yourself.

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