Friday, 22 September 2017

manaiakalani film festival

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Today in home class we were filming a fun taste testing video. from a YouTube channel called Jess and avya. on Monday Mrs Judd were taking people out of class to film. but Today some people were away when we were filming so Mrs Judd decide to get the people that were away to taste some food.
when the 7 people were tasting there the food everyone was trying to make them think that it was yuck. 5 mins later everyone was laughing because Jayde was to scared to taste anything.

After that Mrs Judd grab something gross out of the plastic bag and put down one the table . one by one each person was felling it everyone one the table was how gross it fells. when it come down to Jadye. she was to scared to touch. 1 secs later Jadye touch and she screaming how gross it was. when all of the
7 people had there blind folds on Mrs Judd grab the gross thing and was putting it in all the 7 people faces. everyone on the floor was laughing hard out.

when Mrs Judd was putting the gross thing in all the 7 peoples face she went up the William. and she saw his mouth open so she put it in his mouth i was biting it. after that Mrs Judd decide to put nothing
on the table. and everyone was laughing.

i think my Favorited part is when i was trying different food and i think the hardest thing is when i was trying to guess what kind of food it is.


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