Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Eva team 5 speechs

Last week on Friday the hole of team 5 listen to 3 person speeches from there literacy class.  These kids were pick because they gave eye contact,saying it nice, and clear and having confident for my literacy class the 3 person where me Sheena and David. when me Sheena and David were waiting for are turn we were listening to other people speeches. when it was my turn i standed up and said my speech for my speech my topic was donating  blood a good idea. for Sheena one it was money cant buy happiness and for David it was can kids be able to listen to musics in class.after i said my Speech. Everyone was clapping . and miss Judd and Mrs Tapuke were judging to. After my speech 1 by 1 everyone that got pick were saying there speech and getting Jude on. after all the speeches were done. everyone was clapping for the ones you standed up and said there speech.



  1. Hey Eva,when you did your speech on Friday it was Awesome and I loved it. Can't wait to hear more speech's eva

    From Bestieee :)

  2. Hi Eva, love what you've done about .keep posting more amazing stuff about you learning. keep it up