Friday, 24 February 2017

Eva My idea of a fun weekend

When it's the weekend i get so excited to go movies and the pools anything that are fun. In the weekend i love going to the movies to watch. New movies.Like funny movie like minions and Moana. Those are my favourite Movie.

after the movies the next thing that i would do is going to the pools if it was raining i would go into the inside pool. Later on when i fished swinging around i go to McDonald to eat Lunch. My favourite food at McDonald is chicken burger and the soft serve ice cream.

The next thing that i would do on the weekend is going shopping my favourite store in Sylvia park is just jean’s when i looking for clothes there are lots of thing that i want. When i get home.

i  put all my stuff away then i go outside to play when i’m Finished playing outside i turn on the TV and watch sky,movies or playing video games.

When it a weekend try do something fun for yourself. Also you always  need to ack’s your parents go anywhere.

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