Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Eva Paragraph writing- Man in Space

A spaceman bravely walks out into the icy milky way. As he floats above his ship he noticed a planet far in the distance. later on he landed on Mars for his mission .then he saw a portlet so take a step . 8 mins later he saw weird thing there were people and greed pets.

he said do you have some where the solar blame. is the people said Yes it in that scary castles said the people the spaceman said that is scary as!. then he tell them do you
have guns and sworn they said a big as yes.

so say went into this houses to get the things inside. after that went then they saw something it was a guard they hit a rock at they were including hard out then he wake up so they run fats as they could.

later on they made it to the top of the tower then he saw the wider. he had lots of power so. he was fringing back to save them all so he did a big as kick into the wider faces. the spaceman
said i am going to bet you the people was cheering for then the wider was kick far away. so he
said goodbye to the people on Mars then they thank you. so he went into his ships and went back to ears the end.

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