Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Eva Holiday Highlight.

On Thursday me and my mum, Aunty and cutest little brother went to the movies for my Birthday. After that me, my mum and little brother
went to pak n'save to get yummm food. We got lollies and toys for the boys, drinks and lips sick. We got lollies bags.

Later on we went to pick up my cousin named Kannan. Later on we were at the movie and I saw my aunt with my older cousin. We were waiting to watch home. Then we went into the game room. We got coins. Then we played the games.

After that we went into the movies to watch home. We were so excited!
So we went into find our seats. Then the movie started so we looked
into the lolly bags and ate some yummy lollies. It was really funny.
I love the part when Tips was playing a song. 

When the movie was done I felt happy that my cousin, Aunty, mum and Little brother were there.

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