Thursday, 19 March 2015

Eva camp at school.

Last wednesday on a sickie. day the 5 and 6 were camping at school. my team was the real deals are song was  don't worry child . my tent bubby were laut and mereana . there were weet bix mold . the thing that we were doing kayaking, cooking, pacare, are dances, and rollerblading, and the Amazing race's .

At morning tea. the real deals were going kayaking so mr goodwin tell us to get into are togs after we eat we went down to pt england beach

at the beach mr burt tell us what to do when we go on the bots . with my friend on a bots with mr goodwin it was so fun .

After that the girls went cooking .and the boy went to make delicious marshmallows . after that the girls went. into the kitchen to make chocolate chips cookies .first mrs jamin tell us to get into 2 or 4 group . after we had to put in some butter into a bowl . then we have .
to put it into the oven .

After that it was morning tea for morning tea we had some milk and are cookies that we mad . after our morning tea the Real Dealz  went
to the Amazing race's .first we had to do we had to jump on to a brod to get to the water boils then the real deals win then we had to chunk
water balloon it was fun as! .

After we had diner it was yummy after the meal we have ice cream .
after that we went to sleep . I heard strange noises . in the morning
we had to do jump jam  after that we had weetbix . after we eat .
The Real Deal went into the hall and we were Rollerblading it was fun.

My favorite thing to do was baking with mrsjemima and I wish that camp wasn't finding. 



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