Friday, 14 July 2017

what i learn thorough the winter learning journey

The things that i learn was how cool new Zealand is also i learn about lots of things like should we kill possum,  and also i learn about volcanoes lots of things. also my Favorited 4 activities were. 100% Pure new Zealand, swimming with sharks, Keep new Zealand beautiful, native Aotearoa. also my favourite thing about the road trip was learning about new Zealand how to keep new Zealand really beautiful. and writing lots of things about new Zealand and blogging about it. it been really fun to blog also thanks to Rachel and the winter learning journey for making my holiday more fun.

relaxing at home

3 things that i would do to help my neighbourhood

1. the first one would be picking up rubbishes around your street.
2. the second one would be picking up rubbishes at home and at school.
3. the 3rd one would be picking up rubbishes when your at the park or when you see rubbishes you can pick it up.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

All blacks Haka 1 to 3

                                                          1. All blacks vs France.

                                                         2.All blacks vs Argentina

                                                       3. All blacks vs south Africa

what to do when it Matariki

Image result for matariki fireworks at g.IImage result for matariki fireworks at g.I

when it Matariki you can go to the Matariki festival at the Matariki festival 

you can watch lots of kapa haka and also in G.I you can see the light trail.
at the light trial you can see heaps of cool lights also on the last day of Matariki .
there fireworks.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

would i spend 1 day with my family at the otago central rail trail

Image result for otago central rail trail

I think yes because it will be fun to go on some bikes with my family and
have a bike ride also it will be cool looking at trees biking around the trail.
and taking heaps of photos and video when your on the trail. 

Edmund Hillary