Friday, 15 September 2017

Tongan language week

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Last week on Friday it was Tongan Language week. for assembly The Tongan group perform up on the stage. for the theme i was fakaoloa Aoteroa aki ae nofo ae kainga this means Enriching Aotearoa with our family values . on Friday me and my friend aretafaye perform in the Tongan group the girls were doing a dance and the boys were doing a Tongan Haka. when we were practising we were deciding  what actions we want to do for the girls dance when we got all the actions together we started practising  really hard. when it was Friday Mr Burt ask the Tongan group to come up and perform.  first we did some some speeches in Tongan and then  the Tongan girl started. the name for the girls song was fotui he la'a after the girls dance it was the boys Haka. after the boys Haka everyone was clapping then the Tongan group went to sit down.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Eva place value knowledge strategy

in maths we were were learning how to use strategy and how to split numbers into ones and tens.

Eva Find the area of the obiects

Today and maths we were learning how to find the area and how to times the perimeter

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Eva Quality blog comment

 Today we were learning how to write and quality blog comment. the  person that i comment on was nia from glen Taylor school. she was talking about cooking at tech at tamaki college. i think my comment is a quality comment because i ask a question i was specific i make a connection and i was being positive.