Friday, 17 November 2017

Eva Multiplication and Division and solving word problems with my number knowledge

Today in home class we were finished off our group work for math's for the task
we were doing Multiplication and Division and reversibility with division.

also in maths we had to do one more task called solving word problems with my number knowledge.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Eva Athletics day

Last week on friday the whole school came to together to participate in athletics. While team 5 was walking down everyone was pump up to do all of sports. When the rest of team 5 went to sit down mrs va’afusuaga was talking about how much fun the whole school is gonna have also she said that if you come 1st,2, and the activity then you will get a chance to compete in a Tournament.When mrs va’afusuaga stop talking siaosi said the karakia after the karakia.

Mr burt let us go to do our first Rotation for the year 7 girls were doing long throw. For long Throw you have to throw a baseball from a distance. When all the 7 girl throw from a distance the gave the ball to the other person and keep on doing the same thing until mr Jacobson blows the trumpet.  

After softball the year 7 girls next activity was relay for relay after relay when went to tiger ball for tiger ball you have 4 teams to win you had to make sure that the other team doesn't throw a ball into your line. After tiger ball the year 7 girl’s went to volley ball,shot put, after shot put it was time for the high jump. If you don't know what high jump is it is when you have to run and jump over bar and try not to knock over the bar.

When all the year 7 girl’s were having a turn it was really hard trying to don't hit of the bar when you're trying not to. After high jump it was kind of getting more harder for the year 7 girls because we were doing a 100 metre race. When the year 7 girl were listening to Mr burt. Mr burt said to the year 7 girl to line up into to 3 line’s and wait until he clap’s this thing and then we go.when the first line was running all the girl were trying there best running the 100 meters run. Later on we only had 3 more activity to go. Like javelin,discus and this other game.
After lunch all the house colour were have a relay race to see who win’s. The name’s for the house colours were red,green,blue and yellow. After the relay there was another really for teacher and parents.
When it was nearly the end the last few runners were running their heart’s out to win when all them past the finish line. Yellow came 1st,red and blue came 2 and i think that green came 3rd or 2. When i was doing all of the activity i felt good about myself trying all the different sport and having a go at it.


Monday, 13 November 2017

Eva Addition and subtraction word problems

Today in maths my group were learning how to use place value partitioning 
reversibility and rounding and compensation Equal Additions and subtracting
in parts.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Eva starting with strings activity

Today in reading my group and the rest of the other groups  were making a question cube box from each of a groups story. The title of my story was staring with strings for my question i did when do they practice, who teaches them, what might happen if the brake there instruments, when did they start playing there instruments, why do they have two stay home and practice and where do they practice. if you want to answer my question just search up starting with strings and just find the answer in the book.